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In order to understand aeronautical engineering we first need to understand the basic aeroplane and its parts : – 


The parts of an aircraft come together like a jigsaw puzzle as a work of art an a masterpiece that is aeronautical engineering. To understand better aeronautical engineering will have to dissect the plane further into specific parts and their work.


  1. Winglet – its a part of an aeroplane used to decrease drag
  2. Spoilers – it reduces lift, drag and roll in an aircraft
  3. Ailerons – Used for barking in a plane
  4. Elevators – used for pitching an aircraft
  5. Rudder – used in an aircraft to change yaw
  6. Vertical stabilizer – control yaw in a plane
  7. Horizontal stabilizer – control pitch in an aeroplane
  8. Leading edge flaps (consist of Krueger flaps, variable camber flaps & slats) – increase lift
  9. Trailing edge flaps – increase lift & drag in an aeroplane
  10. Radar – used to communicate i.e. satellite
  11. jet engine – used to create thrust to propel the plane forward

This are the external parts of an aircraft as illustrated above. Aeronautical engineering in general fuel tanks are found in the wings. Ailerons, elevators, rudder, slats and flaps are controlled by actuators.

Avionics i.e aviation electronics are found below the fuselage better known as black boxes but the two main black boxes that is the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) are found in the empennage near the rudder.

in aeronautical engineering  this two are the only black boxes coloured orange for easy visibility incase of a crash.The two helps record voice of the pilot and co-pilot to know cause of crash and flight data in the plane.


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