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This is where files, folders and content is stored in the computer. you can save and retrieve data from a computer by use of a hard drive or hard disk. in a computer there are two types of hard drives i.e I.D.E and SATA. We start with I.D.E hard disk i.e


The computer hard disk board is made of integrated circuits i.e logic gates as in digital electronics which only reads 0’s and 1’s. This is the language of computer and how its stores data in the hard drive.It has one power port and one data port to power the hard drive and send data to and from the hard drive of the computer respectively.

The jumpers in the slave and master slots are set up in the way below or differently depending on hard disk manufacturer in order to have 2 drives on the same computer.


The SATA i.e serial ATA (advanced technology attachment) drive below is a comparison to the I.D.E above which doesn’t have master or slave. Each drive has its port:-


As above the computer hard drive has two ports one is the SATA power port. the other is the SATA data port. SATA in the computer engineering displine is an advancement of the I.D.E port and is known to transfer data faster whether transferring data as a rom or hard drive.

Once we dissect the hard disk we can get a more detailed picture of the parts :-


The computer hard drive contains a ferromagnetic material which when magnetized records data. The spindle holds the platters whose number depend on hard drive size. The platters are spun at very high speeds in which read/write heads put or retrieve information from the drive. This read/write head is controlled by an actuating arm which is pivoted at the actuator axis by the actuator.




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