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As elaborated in what makes an aeroplane fly? the aerofoil in the wing is the one that makes it is therefore in order that we discuss the wing structure in more detail.

Types of airplane wing construction

  1. Bi-plane – This airplane wing structure is used in some aircrafts. Its made of two wings set parallel i.e one on top of the other. This was the first plane ever to be engineered by the inventors of the first aircraft the wright brothers. it is very structurally sound. 
  2. Braced monoplane – used mostly in light aircraft. It can either be high wing (which is placed on top of the fuselage structure), mid wing (which is placed in the middle of the fuselage structure) shoulder wing (which is placed close to the top of the fuselage structure) or low wing (which is placed at the bottom of fuselage structure. All this have an advantage and disadvantage depending on the type of plane. There is also a parasol wing which is basically a bi-plane with no lower wing.
  3. cantilever monoplane – This cantilever monoplane is basically a wing structure with no brace. It is supported by extended formers and stringers from the plane. it can have high wing, low wing, shoulder wing, mid wing with an exception of parasol wing because it does not have braces. its aesthetics and structural integrity renders it to be used on most aircraft. 

landing gear – its an undercarriage used to support the plane when its parked. it is also used in take offs and landing. it retracts inward when not in use to increase streamline on the plane when in air.

types of landing gear

  1. Tri-cycle landing gear – used in light aircraft and it includes three tires placed below the fuselage. it is easier to do take-offs or landing in a tri-cycle than a tail dragger. 
  2. Conventional or tail dragger – This includes two larger wheels below the fuselage and one smaller one below the empennage. The two in front drag the one behind at a tilted angle hence the name tail dragger. 
  3. Ski landing gear – used when landing on ice.    
  4. floats landing gear – used when landing on water. They are set in a buoyant way engineered for landing on water. aquaplaning- when a plane lands on water or take off. 
  5. Tandem wheels landing gear – They are a combination of wheels set in the middle below the fuselage set for landing. This are part of oleo pneumatic struts.
  6. outrigger wheels landing gear – This are wheels set below the wings that enable support when the plane lands. 

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