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specialized aircrafts 2585

This are aircrafts that perform their functions differently that the normal planes. The specialized aircraft combine or use different gadgets to enhance aerodynamics or increase performance. Flaperons – This performs both jobs of ailerons and flaps. they are structurally sound even though they are made of light material and are […]

Airplane wing & landing gear structure 768

Wings As elaborated in what makes an aeroplane fly? the aerofoil in the wing is the one that makes it is therefore in order that we discuss the wing structure in more detail. Types of airplane wing construction Bi-plane – This airplane wing structure is used in some aircrafts. […]

Airplane fuselage & empennage 837

Fuselage is that main body of the airplane that is a housing to cargo, passengers and the crew. It is better illustrated in picture in parts of an aeroplane. its generally found in the front part of the plane. TYPES OF FUSELAGE Truss or framework type – used for light […]

What makes an aeroplane fly?

Have you ever come to wonder what makes an aeroplane fly, how it goes up and defies the laws of gravity. In order to find out why we must find out the forces acting on an aeroplane :- LIFT – force generated by the aerofoil that tends to push an […]

Computer motherboard 1486

In order to comprehend computer engineering & networking as a specialty. We must first understand the parts as put together to form a central processing unit. The first is the motherboard and is comprised of the following parts:- Front panel connectors – This are used in computers to connect front […]

Parts of an Aeroplane 572

In order to understand aeronautical engineering we first need to understand the basic aeroplane and its parts : –    The parts of an aircraft come together like a jigsaw puzzle as a work of art and a masterpiece that is aeronautical engineering. To understand better aeronautical engineering will have […]