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A helicopter is an aircraft that derives both lift and propulsion from one or more sets of horizontally revolving overhead rotors rendering it capable of moving vertically and horizontally. below are its major parts and how they function. 

  1. Engine and transmission – The engine is of turbo-shaft jet engine type and coupled to the transmission in order to propel the plane forward.
  2. cockpit – used to command & control the as per pilots directions. For more info go to my cockpit explained article.
  3. Landing skids/landing gear – used to safe landing and supporting the chopper while on ground.
  4. Rotor mast – is coupled to the transmission and it transfers torque and motion to rotor blades.
  5. Rotor blade – They may be 2 or more and are aerofoil shaped to enable the plane to fly as explained below. its held in pace by a Jesus nut.
  6. Tail boom – Acts as the drive shaft of the tail rotor.
  7. Tail rotorThis is used for preventing the helicopter fuselage from turning in circles continuously on flight and it is also used to control it on direction when it is being flown.


The ingenuity behind the helicopter’s flight is almost similar to that of an airplane only on this case instead of fixed stationary aeroshaped wings the helicopter has spinning wings.

A helicopter moves air over its rotor by spinning the blades at a slight angle of attack. The shaft hence throws air down behind it toward the ground hence wings start to develop lift.The rotor makes the lift that carries the helicopter up. it should be noted that the direction of motion is controlled by the pitch of the rotor blades.

The helicopter is well known for versatility and easy maneuverability it can take off vertically, hover, fly forwards, backwards, and laterally, as well as to land vertically hence rendering it an engineering masterpiece. moreover it can land or take off from almost anywhere that’s not a heliport or helipad.

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