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Any aircraft is pre-flight inspected & checked before its on air to avoid mishaps and ensure its safe to commute on. each aeroplane has it own pre-flight checklist therefore we cant say for certain but basically most air craft pass almost through the following steps. Pilots follow a certain procedure and pattern to make this happen.

cabin inspection

  1. First and foremost the pilot ensures he has all the papers necessary for pre-flight which include airworthiness certificate, registration certificate, operating handbook & weight and balance data. also student pilot certificate & medical certificate if you are a student pilot.
  2. You should then remove the control wheel lock.
  3. Ensure keys are not in the ignition and ignition switch is off
  4. switch on master switch
  5. check fuel quantity at the gauges.
  6. Lower the flaps
  7. switch off master switch
  8. Fuel valve should be turned on at this stage.

Exterior inspection

  1. Inspect empennnage and remove tail tie down
  2. Check for free movement and structural integrity of rudder and elevator & secure balance weights
  3. inspect antennae
  4. inspect security and movability of right flap.
  5. check right aileron and inspect its hinges and control wheel.
  6. inspect leading edge of right wing
  7. remove right wing tie down
  8. Check right main wheel. check tire condition is it inflated are there signs of brake fluid leaks e.t.c. The strut should also be checked.
  9. Drain a small quantity of fuel on right fuel tank drain valve & check for water, sediment & proper fuel grade.
  10. make sure to inspect upper surface of wing
  11. check fuel tank manually by removing cap and checking tank & later secure fuel cap.
  12. Check oil level.
  13. remove any sediment & water by opening fuel-strainer drain knob.
  14. Look inside engine cowling for small animals & oil leaks. 
  15. inspect nose wheel as above right wing tire and its oleo pneumatic strut.
  16. Check propeller
  17. Check alternator belt in small aircraft
  18. Check air filter/element for clogged dirt.
  19. Check landing light for operation
  20. inspect static source opening.
  21. Repeat steps of the right wing above for left wing 
  22. inspect the pitot tube
  23. confirm you’ve performed all the steps above.



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