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There are cars in this world designed for both road & sea. These are better known as amphibious vehicles. They include :-

  1. UHAC – ultra heavy lift amphibious connector. it is a great and massive truck capable of literally paddling through water and driving through versatile terrain. it is used for battle and carries three tanks.  
  2. LCAC -Landing craft air cushion. it is also known as hovercraft. it is capable of moving through different terrain including water and can be used as a landing craft. 
  3. Dobbertin surface orbiter – looks like a tanker with a streamlined front making it very bouyant. this beast is used by the navy and can move in land or water.
  4. Sherp ATV – i.e all terrain vehicle. it is a tonka truck for adults made in Russia that is capable of moving with its self inflated tires in all terrain including water. 
  5. Terrawind motor home – its a touring bus capable of carrying people in all terrain including water.  
  6. amphibious tour bus/ splash tour bus – This are  amphibious buses that carries tourists in various destinations via sea or land.  
  7. shwimmwagen – it a German made amphibious car used mostly in the early times of war. 
  8. amphicar – designed in Germany and is a descendant of shwimmwagen. it one of the best designed amphibious cars. 
  9. water car panther – it is a normal jeep looking car that races through water & land.  
  10. rinspeed squba – this car swins underwater like a submarine. tit is also known to drive in land. its convertible top helps passengers to get of at emergency and has its own squba regulators. 
  11. Gibbs aquada – known to speed through water & land like a sports car. its amphibious and beautiful design renders it one of the best amphibious cars. 
  12. Rinspeed splash – is a car with a hydrofoil in the bottom when cruising in the water.
  13. Gibbs biski – its literally a motorcycle that passes on the water surface like a jetski.
  14. Gibbs quadski – its a quad bike from the same family as biski and aquada that cruises in water. it retracts its tires outward in water and straight in land. 



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