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Dredging is the digging or pulling out of material in the sea or ocean in order to deepen waterways, make harbours, berths, docks, desilt lakes & clear river entry e.t.c.

Dredging can be classified into two :-

  • Mechanical dredging
  • Hydraulic dredging


  1. Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers -itis a hydraulic dredging vessel that lowers a drag head into the sea bed and moves the sediment and water mixture  through the drag arms into hopper bins. They discharge by pipeline or barge.
  2. cutter suction dredger – this are also known as CSD. They have a rotary cutter head that helps loosen the earth and takes its broken pieces to the suction mouth. this hydraulic  dredging vessels discharge through a pipeline or barge.  
  3. Bucket ladder dredgers – this are mechanical dredging vessels that use a series of buckets that are mounted on a conveyor ladder. that sends debris upwards  from the sea bed. they are very efficient in the ripping of coral as well.  they discharge by pipeline or barge.
  4. back hoe dredger – it is also known as dipper dredger. this resemble a true backhoe plant equipment. they are mechanical dredgers that have a bucket that scoops out sand from the water bed. This is a mechanical dredger vessel that that discharges by barge. 
  5. grab dredgers – This are mechanical dredger vesels with a vice hand like equipment for grabbing sand from the water bed which is held or suspended from a crane. it discharges on a barge.
  6. water injection dredger – it is a hydraulic dredger vessel that works by fluidizing the ground surface  by pumping water into the bed material. it is then later either moved by a second burst of water or is carried away by natural current. it discharges as it operates.

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