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In the building industry whether due to structural integrity, formality or aesthetics there are many types of roofs. This include :-

  1. Saddle roof  – this is a concave roof that curves inwards from a high top. it can also be a hyperbolic paraboloid roof. 
  2. flat roof – this is basically a flat roof set at a slight degree angle to drain water. 
  3. hipped roof – this is a roof with both ends and sides inclined making a slope towards the wall. 
  4. gable roof – triangular portion of a roof formed by two sloping sides coming together at a ridge. 
  5. Conical roof – this is a roof made from cone shape.  
  6. butterfly roof – this is also known as v roof since it resembles a v.
  7. lean to roof/ skillion – has  at least two sloping sides which meet towards the center of a building in a ridge or peak.
  8. Pent roof – a roof consisting of a single sloping surface 
  9. Dormer roof – this are roofs with access of a dormer window projecting beyond plane of pitched roof. 
  10. Gambrell roof – this is a roof that has at attic on the top.
  11. mansard roof – this is a roof almost similar to the gambrell roof but different in construction of the truss as shown in my truss article 
  12. dutch gable is a roof with a small gable at the top of a hip roof. 
  13. hexagonal/gazebo roof – is a hexagonal shaped roof build mainly for gazebos. 
  14. jerkin head roof – its also known as half hip because of its construction.
  15. m roof – this is a roof that is shaped like an m.
  16. salt box roof – this is a roof that has a one part of long pitched roof that slopes down to the back.
  17. pyramid roof  – has a roof that resembles a pyramid.


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