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There are many types of helicopters, the helicopter layouts are different and consists of the following types :-

  1. classical layout  – it is also known as Sikorsky,this is the commonly used type and consists of a horizontally rotating main rotor and vertically rotating tail rotor. 
  2. Notar – it an abbreviation for no-tail-rotor. in this helicopter layout there is a normal horizontally rotating main rotor but no tail rotor.
  3. Tandem – it a helicopter layout comprising of two horizontally rotating main rotors rotating in opposite direction i.e one at the top of the fuselage and one at the top of the empennage.
  4. side by side – this helicopter layout has two horizontally. rotating main rotors just like in tandem but in this case on the sides of the helicopter. 
  5. side by side inter-meshing – This helicopter layout is just like side by side but in this case it has horizontally rotating inter-meshed rotors at an angle. 
  6. co-axial/ contra-rotating – in this helicopter layout the rotors are placed one on top of the other but rotate in opposite direction to each other on same pivoting point.
  7. fenestron- also known as fan in tail. as the name explains there is a fan in tail. 

There are two different types of helicopters i.e single rotor helicopters and multi rotor helicopters. some of the above like co-axial can have multi rotor but most have single rotor.

They both have each of their own merits and demerits that will be discussed in another rotor article but for the explanation of the inner workings and functionality of a helicopter parts go to my parts of a helicopter & how it flies article.



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