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In any flying aircraft or drone a wing is the most crucial part of the plane since the aerofoil is responsible for the lift. In order to understand more on wing construction visit airplane wing & landing gear structure.That being said there are many types of wing layout: –

  1. Elliptical wing – this is a wing layout with a curved ark in the tip of the wing. it is mostly used in light aircraft. 
  2. Regular wing– This is a wing mostly used in many aircraft i.e it is general. It is similar to elliptical but it has a box end. 
  3. Moderate taper wing – it is a wing that is flat on one side like regular wing but is tapered on the other.
  4. High taper wing – this is a wing that is tapered on both sides of the wing. 
  5. Pointed tip wing – this is a wing like high taper but with a pointed end at the tip.
  6. swept back wing – this is the most commonly used wing in large aircraft due to aerodynamics. it consists of a wing swept back at and angle backwards towards the empennage
  7. swept forward wing – this is the opposite of swept back wing. it is a wing swept forwards at an angle towards the fuselage.
  8. tail less delta – this is a jet wing that is used as an elevon.  it has no tail hence the name. 
  9. tailed delta– it is almost similar to tail less delta but in this case it has a tail.
  10. cropped delta – it resembles a  tailed delta but in this case the wing is flat in the end.
  11. compound delta – it is similar to a tail less delta but in this case its wings are edited with an angle taper.
  12. Ogival delta – its resemblance or similarity to compound delta is very close but it has a curved tip.
  13. Cranked arrow delta – its name comes from the arrow end where it gets its shape from.

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