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Aircraft telecommunications & navigation Systems

Aircraft telecommunications systems literally involve satellite communication i.e satcom, UMTS i.e universal mobile telecommunication system, bluetooth & W-LAN and radio communications which replaced GSM i.e global system for mobile is no longer used . TDMA i.e Time-division multiple access and CDMA i.e Code Division Multiple Access may also be included. Navigation […]

Airport Signs 87

Just like lighting there are also many signs that aid pilots to maneuver there way along the airport. TYPES OF AIRPORT SIGNS Mandatory instruction sign – They have white inscription, a black outline and a red background.They show runway/runway intersections, taxiway/runway intersections, (I.L.S) i.e Instrument Landing System critical areas, military landing […]

Airport Lighting Systems 168

In an airport, especially at night there are so many lighting systems that allow it to operate as efficiently as possible, this include general lighting systems, runway lighting systems, approach lighting systems and last but not least taxiway lighting systems. in general lighting systems there is an airport beacon mounted […]

Types of Television sets 254

Television sets better known as t.v as used by mass media to broadcast programs for entertainment, enlightenment  & information by means of transmitted visual images and sound. Through the years there has been a technological advancement from past television to the screens we have today.It is therefore deemed necessary to […]

Capacitors 218

Capacitors are components of electrical and electronics that store electric charge. They are mostly used in smoothing, filtering and timing circuits. They smooth circuits because they store charge, they filter circuits because they allow a.c and block d.c and finally they are used to time since a capacitor takes up […]

Quarrying 242

Quarrying is the process of taking stones from their natural rock bed. Many factors may determine quarry site. They include Haulage facilities of quarry material Availability of good building stones Sufficient damping site for quarry refuse In case of quarry blasting, there should be sufficient distance between quarry from buildings. […]