George Maina

Factors determining pavement design 237

There are many factors that determine pavement design. this includes the following :- Axle configuration – in car design providing more axles enables it to carry more load, this more load needs  to be pre-determined in design. this ranges from single unit trucks, convectional combination vehicles & longer combination vehicles. […]

D.c Motors 452

A d.c motor is a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In opposite this d.c machine works as a generator i.e converting  mechanical energy. MAIN CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES A motor has two main parts :- Stator – is the stationary member consisting of the field system. Rotor – is […]

Surveying 665

Surveying is the art of making measurements of the relative positions of natural and man made features on earth surface and plotting this measurement to suitable scale to form a map plan or section. PRIMARY DIVISION OF SURVEYING Geodetic surveying – this is the type of survey in which curvature […]

Stairs 411

stairs are means of descending or ascending from one floor level to another by a series of steps. PARTS OF A STAIR Riser – is the vertical face of a step Rise – vertical distance between to consecutive treads Tread – horizontal surface of the stair that is stepped on […]

Types of roofs 155

In the building industry whether due to structural integrity, formality or aesthetics there are many types of roofs. This include :- Saddle roof  – this is a concave roof that curves inwards from a high top. it can also be a hyperbolic paraboloid roof.  flat roof – this is basically […]

Inner workings of a cell tower 723

A cell tower is a pylon rising up in the air that holds communication and data devices of the telecommunication industries. At its base is the service providers equipment shelter better known as BTS that houses radio transmitters and receivers that allow communication between the phones and tower. The radio […]

Aircraft Pressurization 601

Pressurization is the process of increasing air pressure inside an aircraft specifically the cabin. This is done due to reduce trapped gas, decompression sickness & hypoxia which is a condition of insufficient oxygen. An aircraft flies in high altitudes because it consumes less fuel due to low turbulence, it also […]

Electromagnetic Spectrum 726

The electromagnetic spectrum has a range of magnetic signals that encompass all frequencies in electrical and electronic systems. the frequencies include Extremely low frequency (E.L.F) @ 3-30Hz – this include alternating current power line frequencies, submarine communication and all frequencies under human audio range. Super low frequency (S.L.F) @ 30-300Hz […]

Types of dredging vessels 489

Dredging is the digging or pulling out of material in the sea or ocean in order to deepen waterways, make harbours, berths, docks, desilt lakes & clear river entry e.t.c. Dredging can be classified into two :- Mechanical dredging Hydraulic dredging TYPES OF DREDGERS Trailer Suction Hopper Dredgers -itis a […]

manual transmission 965

The manual transmission is one complex machinery. it contains so many meshed gears and is also known as the gearbox. well is there a way to learn it all in a simple way? I’ll elaborate :-   Above we see a simple diagram of an engine coupled to a gearbox […]