Electronics Engineering

Types of Television sets 254

Television sets better known as t.v as used by mass media to broadcast programs for entertainment, enlightenment  & information by means of transmitted visual images and sound. Through the years there has been a technological advancement from past television to the screens we have today.It is therefore deemed necessary to […]

Capacitors 218

Capacitors are components of electrical and electronics that store electric charge. They are mostly used in smoothing, filtering and timing circuits. They smooth circuits because they store charge, they filter circuits because they allow a.c and block d.c and finally they are used to time since a capacitor takes up […]

D.c Motors 452

A d.c motor is a machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. In opposite this d.c machine works as a generator i.e converting  mechanical energy. MAIN CONSTRUCTIONAL FEATURES A motor has two main parts :- Stator – is the stationary member consisting of the field system. Rotor – is […]

Inner workings of a cell tower 723

A cell tower is a pylon rising up in the air that holds communication and data devices of the telecommunication industries. At its base is the service providers equipment shelter better known as BTS that houses radio transmitters and receivers that allow communication between the phones and tower. The radio […]

Electromagnetic Spectrum 726

The electromagnetic spectrum has a range of magnetic signals that encompass all frequencies in electrical and electronic systems. the frequencies include Extremely low frequency (E.L.F) @ 3-30Hz – this include alternating current power line frequencies, submarine communication and all frequencies under human audio range. Super low frequency (S.L.F) @ 30-300Hz […]