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computer network 1172

There are many types of computer network. some are closely related and may be hard to distinguish. You can connect computers, telephones and other peripheral devices in all these without necessarily having internet connection. well tackle each one by one :- Personal area network (PAN) – this is a computer […]

computer ROM 4850

ROM means read only memory. There are many types of rom i.e CD ROM– compact disk read only memory. this particular disk can not be burned into.   CD-R – compact disk recordable. This particular disk can be burned into but only one time. CD-RW – compact disk rewritable. in […]

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In order to comprehend computer Engineering & networking as a speciality. We must first understand the parts as put together to form a central processing unit. The first is the motherboard and is comprised of the following parts:- Front panel connectors – This are used in computers to connect front […]