network topology 268

network topology is a way and method in which computers are networked. This networks not only enable computers to connect to each other, communicate and share files but also allow for internet access. types of network topology include :- Bus network topology – In this network topology all computers are […]

fault location in p.c & its symptoms 920

There are various ways to know if a computer is faulty either by message or computer behavior symptoms as shown below :-   faulty hard disk symptoms message is displayed ” primary master hd fail” when you press f1 you get message telling you “disk boot failure or “insert system […]

computer motherboard 1486

In order to comprehend computer Engineering & networking as a speciality. We must first understand the parts as put together to form a central processing unit. The first is the motherboard and is comprised of the following parts:- Front panel connectors – This are used in computers to connect front […]