manual transmission 965

The manual transmission is one complex machinery. it contains so many meshed gears and is also known as the gearbox. well is there a way to learn it all in a simple way? I’ll elaborate :-   Above we see a simple diagram of an engine coupled to a gearbox […]

types of Jet Engines 751

In order for a plane to fly it needs thrust, this is attained by the heart of the aircraft that is the gas turbine jet engine. a small plane can be powered by a normal gasoline or diesel 4 stroke engine as described in my engine article but a large […]

engine 799

There are many types of engine but the car engine & motorbikes is of internal combustion type. This means that all the combustion is found internally. The rotation happens in form of strokes. internal combustion engines are classified as two stroke or four stroke engines i.e in four stroke there […]